Listing design: how to become a pro


Listing Design

In graphic design there are 10 key elements. You can use them as a roadmap to a create successful listing image. But there are also additional elements such as dynamics and illustrations. You don’t have to apply all of the elements in every image. Then the listing would become to crowded. You have to search for the right balance.



It may have become clear why graphic design is a profession. There are an awful lot of elements involved that all influence each other. Sometimes you adjust something and therefore you have to ‘turn all the knobs’ to make it fit again.


Do it yourself

You can learn a lot yourself, but also here ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. The more you are involved in graphic design and are aware that every milk carton, app or advertisement has been designed, the more feeling you get for it. Especially when you see that the 10 steps are applied in many cases. If you have the time and the energy to do it yourself, it is an option. 



With Ediytor a lot of the graphic design you can do it yourself. But for a complicated photoshop it’s is better to hire a photoshop specialist. A professional has a lot of flying hours and has an eye for quickly seeing what is not right in a design and what can be improved. Because of the technical skills with paid software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, your product will look better than with Paint or Canva.

These things you can find back in our whitepaper ‘Design for marketplaces: The keys for successful branding’

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