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3 things to know about design




You don’t often think about it, but all products are designed. From chairs to iPhones and from kettles to doorhandles. It has been thought about by a designer or manufacturer. There is a reason why it has a certain color, material, shape or size. The considerations for these choices may be: it’s functional, it looks nice or the price is leading. Actually, all of these choices are Unique Selling Points. And these can be highlighted well with a strong graphic design. The same applies here: it is a design, so choices have been made. In terms of color, typography, layout, shapes, photography, style & atmosphere. All these choices affect each other and if done right, can reinforce each other. The typical thing about graphic design is that there are many unwritten rules and they also change over time. Something that was labeled “not done” 20 years ago is now “trending”. You can definitely say that there are trends in graphic design.



Every graphic designer is concerned with creating a catchy image that will stick with the viewer. Whether it’s an ad, cover or poster. It should be a clear representation of what to expect. Often it is a translation from marketing and communication. What should it radiate? Which target group should it appeal to? What is the purpose of the expression? When all these questions are answered, you will get a stronger design.



A logo is a good starting point in the creation of a corporate identity. The shapes, colors and fonts in the logo can also be used in the brand identity or corporate identity. It may be that there is a recognizable element in it that is good to use in the design. Additional elements will also be used to ensure a complete identity, which can be applied to all different expressions both offline and online.

The return of elements such as fonts, colors and shapes creates recognition. A uniform appearance stands for stability and that inspires confidence. This is important if you want to convince a potential customer to buy your product or service. A very important quote in this is:


“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

It is good to realize that many of the products we buy are purchased based on design. Apple is a good example of this with the iPhone and iMacs. But it doesn’t always have to be more expensive products, consider the ‘Happy Socks’. For a boring product like socks, you are willing to pay more because of the cheerful and striking prints. That’s why investing in design is always a wise thing to do. In all stages of your company or product. From logo to product design, from corporate identity to packaging design, from listing design to thank you card. All are opportunities to positively influence someone and make them feel good about your product or service.