Why marketplace design is important for more sales


Marketplace Seller

As a seller on marketplaces like Bol.com or Amazon you are mainly concerned with numbers and letters: purchase prices, sales margins, product texts, keywords and product research.

All very important, but they are mainly focused on you as a seller: how can you generate the largest possible turnover with the corresponding margin. But the one who has to generate that turnover is of course someone else: it’s the customer!

Attractive images

Our experience is that the product images are often a secondary consideration during the launch of a product and only come into the picture ‘at the end’. It is understandable… but no less important. It’s great if all of the above is well worked out, but if the product is not attractively presented to the potential customer, it will cost sales.


Design and conversion

Do you have a computer from Apple? A coffee machine from Nespresso? A speaker from Sonos? All of these products have one advantage over their competitors; design. Well-designed products are providing  trust. That is exactly the value you want to give to your products when you put them online and want to sell them.


It’s in the combination

By combining professional photography, graphic design and your USP’s of the product it will ensure that your product radiates confidence to the potential customer. He can see that you have chosen to invest in design and therefore he will choose you. The competitor who doesn’t see the added value will find out that a lack of quality and creativity result in lower conversion.


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