About us

Ediytor is a Dutch company that started in 2021. The start-up is created by marketplace seller Eddy and designer Kumari. With Ediytor they want to make marketplace design easy and accessible for any marketplace seller worldwide.

Digital agency? Let's collaborate!

Do you want to provide marketplace design services to your clients? If you don’t have the knowledge or time to learn how this specific kind of designing works than Ediytor is a great option to use.

Our mission and goals

Everything we do, we do it with a plan. Just to make sure that everyone knows what we are aiming for. Our ambtion and dreams for Ediytor are big. But it all starts with a mission to change something and create a solution to a known problem.

Thinking big, working hard

Maybe you expected a large office with a stunning view. But Ediytor likes to keep things simple. With a team of passionate people we are stationed in the middle of the Netherlands. At the Betuwe region that is known for his agriculture. So no high class city mentality but fun, hard working and down to earth is what defines us at Ediytor.