How to get more sales with marketplace design

Why marketplace design is important for more sales Marketplace Seller As a seller on marketplaces like Bol.com or Amazon you are mainly concerned with numbers and letters: purchase prices, sales margins, product texts, keywords and product research. All very important, but they are mainly focused on you as a seller: how can you generate the […]

Branded Content: 3 things to know about design

Branded content: 3 things to know about design Choices You don’t often think about it, but all products are designed. From chairs to iPhones and from kettles to doorhandles. It has been thought about by a designer or manufacturer. There is a reason why it has a certain color, material, shape or size. The considerations […]

Listing design: how to become a pro

Listing design: how to become a pro Listing Design In graphic design there are 10 key elements. You can use them as a roadmap to a create successful listing image. But there are also additional elements such as dynamics and illustrations. You don’t have to apply all of the elements in every image. Then the […]