Yes, there is easy editing software such as Canva or more professional software like InDesign or Photoshop, but they all have started with printed media. With a lot of templates for printed items: flyers, brochures, businesscards… That’s why Ediytor is unique!

Specially made for marketplace sellers

Our templates are only focused on Marketplaces, not on other online media such as Facebook and Instagram. We provide a complete template library for listing images: from hero image to call-out image or lifstyle image. For a plain look with blocks or a creative look with shapes and productphoto’s. 

product_photo_67_1 kopie

You want to point out the special features

Our marketplace designers have created these templates with their experience of designing over more then +500 listing images. Make a comparison with the competition, just to let your potential buyer know why they have to choose your over them. Get the look of big company by branding your images.